Watje Family


 God Bless You! -The Watje Family 

 Our History:

Some of our relatives just took a trip to Germany looking for the origin of our family name,  Watje. By help of headstones, a bit of sleuthing, a graveyard keeper, and several other helpful people, they found out that it was only our great great grandfather who immigrated to the US from Germany. Although we knew that our last name is a Dutch word and that the Watje family came over from Germany, we had no idea it was that close when going up the line of our ancestors. We have more German blood than we thought; which is especially funny as we are currently living in an acutely German town with a rich German history, New Braunfels. Thus it is also quite intriguing that our great great grandfather from Germany married a Whitehead from England.

In addition to German, we are (obviously) Hispanic, (not so obviously) Vietnamese, and White, and English, with a wee smidgen of Italian, Indian, and Spanish.